Wellington School of Architecture / Te Kura Waihanga
  PhD, BDes (Int Arch).  Author of Regenerative Urban Design and Ecosystem Biomimicry  
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand  / Aotearoa

Dr Maibritt Pedersen Zari 

Deputy Head of School
Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture & Interior Architecture

Dr Maibritt Pedersen Zari is the  Deputy Head of School, a Senior Lecturer, and co-founder of the Ecologies Design Lab and Te Ātea: Spatial Justice Co-design Lab at the Wellington School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand. Her research area of regenerative design redefines sustainable architecture and urban design through emulating ecosystems, working with ecologies and nature, and integrating complex social factors into architectural and urban design. Pedersen Zari's expertise include biomimicry, biophilia, urban ecosystem services, nature-based solutions, urban climate change adaptation, urban biodiversity, and climate sensitive vernacular architecture in the Himalayan region. Her most active current research stream relates to urban climate change adaptation in Oceania. She is the Primary Investigator for the Marsden funded project ‘Wellbeing through Nature-based Design: Co-designing Climate Change Adaptation in Oceania’ and leads a complex and diverse team aiming to co-design nature-based urban design solutions, rooted in Indigenous knowledges that support climate change adaptation and individual and community wellbeing in different contexts across Oceania (including Aotearoa). Pedersen Zari is co-author / editor of Ecologies Design: Transforming Architecture, Landscape, and Urbanism (2020), author of Regenerative Urban Design and Ecosystem Biomimicry (2018), and co-author of Materials for a Healthy, Ecological and Sustainable Built Environment (2017).

My research explores how understanding ecosystem services can be used to define ecological design in the urban built environment with particular regard to how climate change and continued loss of global biodiversity affects architecture and communities. My expertise include: architectural and urban design biomimicry, biophilic design, ecosystem-based adaptation, urban climate change resilience and adaptation, particularly in the Pacific, nature-based solutions and ecosystem-based adaptation, and design for urban biodiversity.

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I teach in the Interior Architecture and Architecture design studios and in the Sustainable Architecture and Sustainable Engineering Building Science streams at both undergraduate and post graduate levels at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Architecture. I also co-direct the Te Ātea Spatial Justice Land for masters students at the School of Architecture, and supervise several PhD candidates and international interns. 

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I have been involved in numerous academic and community engagement projects and am currently the Deputy Head of School at Victoria University's School of Architecture

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